Photo Speak: Dream Team Players on their knees thanking God

As the NFL season celebrates its most miraculous ending this year, we’ve all heard the story: Team owner Art Rooney Sr. dreamed of one day taking the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl. Little did anyone know that the dream would become a reality with his son, Dan Rooney, at the helm and some of the most talented men to ever take the field in football to thank.

Yesterday, we witnessed these same men – Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Mike Wallace and others – gather on their knees and give thanks to God for their incredible season and for leading them to a Super Bowl victory. With humility and grace, their words were simple but powerful: “Hallelujah! Thank you Lord.”

The sight of the Steelers’ Dream Team players respectfully giving thanks behind a podium with media representatives from all over the nation was a beautiful one. What was so touching was that these men who had brought so much joy to their fans through entertainment, didn’t shy away from giving recognition to the One who gave them that opportunity in the first place. Over 20 million people just watched them kneel before God…and that’s something everyone is talking about.

Having won numerous division titles, playoff games and a Super Bowl victory since Art Rooney’s dream back in 1933, it’s clear these Steelers players have an affinity for thanking both the crowd and God when they make it big. It’s a good reminder that they never forget where they came from or Who provided them with such an amazing gift. To put it simply: They recognize that although they are seen as superstars on Sundays, there is One bigger than them who will always stand tall above them in both performance and spirit.

Whether you’re a Steelers fan or not, there is great life lesson here. As these picture-perfect players proudly take center stage onstage and before microphones across America today, remember to thank those who have been there for us just as much as we thank Him for all blessings He bestows upon us.

In a world of fierce competition, some have an edge that makes them stand out: a deeply rooted faith. These players have not just made it to the Dream Team, they are inspirations to millions across the world.

Photo Speak recently snapped pictures of four – yes, count ‘em four! – Dream Team players on their knees, giving thanks for their successes. Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James, Houston Rockets’ Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook were all spotted in strategic prayer throughout the game’s final minute.

These influential athletes understand the magnitude of this moment and thanking God for the incredible opportunity is just natural for all of them. In a world that is still so divided, these players serve as a stark reminder that faith can bring positive influences to every aspect of life. Whether behind opponents or banded together in prayer, it seems there’s no stopping these inspiring stars!

While moments like this don’t define their strength as champions, it is simply beautiful to witness such a striking display of unity – solidarity in faith that transcends the boundaries of nationality and position in the sports realms. As fellow athletes and fans beyond our basketball court get motivated to be focused and strive harder to achieve goals, we can all learn quite a bit from these amazing Dream Team Players.

Whether they continue to kneel in silent prayer or stand tall with heads bowed in collective thankfulness on the winners’ podium, it is inspiring to witness such a lasting display of deeply held beliefs: showing gratitude towards God for strong wins. It bodes well for their remaining games and careers – but more significantly, the relationships between each Dream Team Player pairs – on and off the court.

Let’s take this motivation and put it into action – whether in sports or simply furthering dreams – may we all remember that faith breeds determination and ultimately leads us towards success!