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I Hope To See More Nigerians Organize Long Distance Races – Sowore

. Sahara Reporters publisher, Sowore

Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore has stated categorically that he hopes to see more Nigerians organize more long distance races in the years ahead to help fellow countrymen be in good health and to constantly remain fit.

Sowore, who completed his eighth record marathon race participation at the 2017 New York Marathon is already clamouring for more long distance races in Nigeria in order to help both activists and non-activists to put their foot  on the ground to challenge the unending suffering perpetrated by the corrupt leaders.
“I found out that more than anyone else, our activists (non-activists inclusive) need to be really fit and I mean really, really fit to put your feet on the ground and fight power. I hope to see more Nigerians organize more long distance races, nothing like it,” Sowore stated.
Speaking further he said: “Imagine ifall those Fulani herdsmen that are engaging in killings could be converted to long distance runners, or maybe even those fighters who have joined Boko Haram.
“What if they think they have a future in a New York Marathon or London Marathon or a Berlin Marathon? I bet they would prefer a cool $1 million (one million dollar) prize money to the hard life of fighting on behalf of Boko Haram and killing innocent civilians women, children, the old and infirm in the name of religion. This can do a lot for us”
Reacting on his personal experience at the recently concluded 2017 New York Marathon, the renowned activist took a reflection on what motivated him into doing marathon race, and some of the gains and challenges he encountered in the process.
“I began long distance racing after getting encouraged by a family friend Dayo Adegoke, who had just returned from the Berlin Marathon to New York. As  I picked him up from the airport, he literally passed out in my car, but alas, surprisingly, Dayo got up the next day to exercise and stretch; and began running again. I was entrolled and asked myself, how come you can’t do this? That was how my journey as long distance runner began in 2013.
“The New York Marathon is my eighth marathon since I began running, I’ve done the Philadelphia and Miami Marathons twice each, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon upstate New York in 2016. And in February 2017, I ran the Access/Lagos City Marathon shortly after I was arrested by the police who tried to frame me up for my work at Sahara Reporters.
“For me I run because running also helps to decompress the decutter, de-congest and re-energize the revolutionary spirit in me. And I tell you something, if you can push your body so hard, your spirit will come along with utmost agility and your soul will definitely became even more resilient. ‘Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta’.”
Meanwhile, Sowore hopes to participate in more future marathon races, including the upcoming Access/Lagos City Marathon in February 2018.


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