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Bayelsa Queens Striker, Rofiat Sule Dedicates NWPL Golden Boots Award To Late Dad, Coaches

Bayelsa Queens Players

. Bayelsa Queens FC  Players

Bayelsa Queens forward, Rofiat Sule has dedicated the Nigeria Women Premier League (NWPL) top-scorer award to her late dad, coaches, fans and teammates.

Sule who scored 11 league goals and two Federation Cup goals helped Bayelsa Queens to clinch the Federation Cup final, topping the NWPL group A table was handed an award two weeks ago for her wonderful display in the just concluded NWPL season.

“It’s a good feeling to win the award. I never saw it coming. This is a lovely moment and I would like to dedicate this to my late dad Adeyemi Sule, my coaches at my youth club (Jagunmolu FC) Hakeem Adebare, Usman Olanrewaju, my present club coaches Rollandson Odeh and Domo Okara, not forgetting the club fans, who showed their affection to me even in tough times.

“I’m also dedicating this award to my teammates, most especially the senior players, who kept on encouraging me and to all my friends. Without them, I wouldn’t have achieved this. This reward is for the team, rather than an individual award.” She said further: “It is obvious I want to be amongst the great players in female football history. I am young and still learning; I belong to a club that gives me the opportunity to grow as a player.

“I’m very happy this is a very important moment in my career because I never thought I would have that number of goals I have gotten for my team. “I want to win more important collective titles at Bayelsa Queens, we are having a good run and we also have a good team and I’m convinced this will be our year of winning double; the super six League Champions and the FA cup final with Sunshine Queens”.

The rave of the moment forward is hoping she can repeat her form next season. “I would like to defend it but it will depend on God. By the grace of God, I will definitely defend it.”



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