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VAR Has Been 99.3 Percent Accurate – FIFA

The Video Assistant Referee has helped in contributing to the decision of referees in the tournament and has helped them made an accurate decision on 99.3 occasions, FIFA has claimed.

Pierluigi Collina, the chairman of FIFA’s referees committee revealed that 335 incidents and 122 goals scored were checked by the VAR team and all calls made were accurate.

Collina also added that VAR has helped in changing 14 decisions so far in the tournament.

“Within these 335 checks, we had 17 so-called VAR reviews,” said Collina. “We had 14 decisions changed by the intervention of the VAR.

“We had 14 on-field reviews, with the referee going to the monitor on the side of the pitch, while there were three decisions taken only by the VAR on direct review.”

Noting that VAR could still be improved on, Collina noted, “VAR doesn’t mean perfection. There could still be some wrong interpretation or even mistakes, so it’s a not a perfection that can be reached having implemented VAR.

“In a couple of cases the final answer could have been given even earlier but in terms of being very accurate, the VAR preferred to spend five to 10 seconds more to be very, very sure.”

Fifa’s VAR refereeing project leader Roberto Rosetti insisted that the final call and decision rests on the referee with VAR helping in providing a factual replay of what transpired.

“At the centre of the decision-making process, there is the referee. The VAR doesn’t decide. The VAR just recommends an on-field review. Only the referee has to take the final decision.

“This is the difference between interpretation, subjective decisions, and factual decisions. For all interpretations, we want the referee at the centre of the decision-making.”



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