Photo Speak: Dream Team Players on their knees thanking God

“Dream Team Players” is the parody of the film “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” where a disgruntled, racist grouch tries to ruin Christmas for everybody.

In the comedic play, two actors enter and do a scene where they act out how two Dream Team players would write an article on how they were sad and lonely in their profession. They tell the audience that their friend told them about this app called “Phot Speak” that can turn any photo into content.

The play follows the story of what happens when these two Dream Team players download Phot Speak on their iPhone and use it for their article. The first part has the duo playing with different filters until they come across one that makes them look like babies crying because all of their friends have left them.

For every action, there is an opposite reaction. One day, a photographer took a picture of 4 players on the ground, their heads in hands and praying for the ball to go in. A few days later, 4 players took a photo with their arms raised and people praising them for doing something great.

“We are the Dream Team Players on our knees thanking God.”

Many of us have seen this meme and now we know what it means. It means that players are giving their all on the court and that they are thankful. In his memoir “I too had a dream,” Malcolm X said, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

It has been said that a good team player is like an onion: layers are peeled off one by one until only the heart or soul remains.

In the current society of hustle and bustle, we always try to get ahead of our competitors. The saying “coach” has been borrowed from sports, where it is used to describe a member of staff that helps analyze your actions and provides feedback on your performance.

Nowadays, we have coaches in every walk of life – from personal lives to professional lives. There are coaches teaching people how to improve their health, coaches conducting research and coaches helping people learn skills like English or any other language. In the workplace, there are also coaching consultants that can help you improve your communication skills and learning more effectively.

In this context, photo speak is all about taking advantage of what others appreciate about you and turning it into something valuable – use it as a tool for self-promotion!

Professional athletes form a team of great players and help each other to achieve their dreams. The Dream Team Players are the one who always give their best and no one is as important as anyone else.

The Dream Team Players are a series of images created by photo-illustrator, Carlos Motta. These photos depict athletes on their knees with hands raised and praising God. The photos were created for the book, “On Their Knees: The Role of Athletes in Cultivating Faith.”

The two photos speak a lot about the changing nature of the workplace and how technology is slowly turning us into machine-like beings.

The two photos are from a job interview and show the interviewee on their knees thanking God for getting an opportunity. However, in 2018, we are seeing more employees kneeling before their work rather than God.

Clearly, now we have machines which can work autonomously and have no need for human intervention to get things done. The outcome is that employees will be less desperate to get a job and will prioritize what they do best – which is doing what they love and not wasting time on skillsets that they don’t have.