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Osun State Plan To Develop Basketball In Secondary Schools – Odunlade

By Olayinka Olawole

. Osun Sports Commissioner, Odunlade

The Osun State Government through the ministry of Sports, have initiated plans aimed at exploring the development of young basketball talents in the state.

 According to the state commissioner for sports , Social Protection and Special Needs, Comrade Biyi Odunlade while speaking with saharareporterssport.com said plans are ongoing for a successful implementation of programmes set aside for the development of the game in various secondary schools in the state.
Speaking further, the commissioner, he said talented youths are abound in the state and it is the responsibilities of the Sports Ministry to make sure that other sports apart from Football grow in the state.
“We are determined to develop basketball in the state and we will make sure that the newly built basketball facilities across the state by the Governor is well utilized. We know that there is a lot of talented basketball players across the state, but there is quite a lot of attention towards football development, so we decided to look into other sports development too.
“We plan to hold seminars for sports teachers interested in Basketball. Also hold clinics and competitions in the state and also involve international bodies who can help the outstanding ones develop in the game and also gain scholarships.
“We are happy to see development in Football, Weightlifting and Takwaendo in the state. We also want to do the same in basketball and we shall continue to work hard to make it happen,” he stated.


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