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NFF And The Reign Of Impunity By Jide Olaniran

The reign of impunity in Nigeria is not the absence of law or institutions, it is our penchant to break law at every opportunity that present itself. How do you explain or fathom a situation where people in position of authority violate laws they derive their legitimacy from? It is in the light of this that  the recent case of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) violating its own statutes has been given prominent attention.

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It’s baffling really to see a football body like the NFF neglect it’s statutes just for political expediency, in other words, we apply the law when it best suit our whims and caprices like the recent appointment of heads of standing committees.

The statute states clearly (as attached to this write up)  that all heads and deputies of the standing committees must be members of the executive committee of the NFF but I  spotted two names that betray the intention of the statute, one is the head of women football committee, Hon Ayo Omidiran,though a women football administrator but not an executive member of the federation and she is a member of the house of representatives as well as the deputy Chairman of the house committee on sports, a committee which performs an over sight function over the NFF how unethical can that be.
Another gaffe from the football house is the appointment of former anti corruption czar Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, in as much as he is fit for the committee, does his appointment follow due process as practised by FIFA in appointing people on the ethics committee which is usually the call of FIFA council in this case in question I doubt whether the Congress was consulted nor was it discussed by the NFF executive committee, the appointment smacks of a unilateral decision which is nothing but impunity.
I know  the last is yet to be heard on this issue because I don’t need a prophet to tell me about the bad blood this move has generated in a body which appears to be enjoying a lot of goodwill from the media and other stakeholders as we go into an election year.
We’ve been told several politics going on at the Glass House (the NFF secretariat in Abuja),especially the sudden romance with the National House of Assembly members, but any politicking that is against the statutes is not acceptable and should be disengage forthwith because Nigerians are not fools. The country is bigger than individual, the national and collective interest of the country should prevail at all times because this is what unifies the majority of the country’s population together in spite of ethnic, religious and cultural differences.
On the women committee leadership my candid advice for Honourable Ago Omidiran is to take an honorable stand by opting out of that committee because it can be likened to being the judge in one’s case except they want us to believe that government interference in football is now the best practice.


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