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Musa: CSKA Is In My Blood

Super Eagles forward, Ahmed Musa recently joined former club, CSKA Moscow on loan for remainder of the season from English Premier League side, Leicester City FC. In his first interview with the red-blue. the fleet-footed winger told the club’s fans that he is constantly mindful of the club despite leaving for England two seasons ago.

. Musa in CSKA training

Have you been in touch with our players when you were at Leicester? Did you follow the news about PFC CSKA? 
Yes, I constantly watched matches, followed the news from the laptop. CSKA in my blood, this club, I will never forget. Constantly watched the game, corresponded with the guys.

 In a farewell interview you said that it’s hard for you to part with our fans. Now you must be happy, because you will soon see them again very soon? 
I constantly received messages from fans who asked me to return home, and here I am! I’m happy that I can play in a new stadium, I’ve never been to this beautiful Arena. I look forward to the day when I will go to the field of our stadium.

In “Leicester” you did not have much practice. How long does it take to get the best shape? 
“I think there’s not much time.” I think that in a week of intensive training I will get a good form. I do not have much time to get the condition, you can not lose a second.

Did you see that the guys from the team wrote you a video message ? 
Yes, I saw this video, and I really liked it. Pontus was funny! I take the baton from him, I will give all my strength!

“Do you think he coped well with the duties of the attacker?” 
I saw a few games and thought: “what’s going on, what does he do in the attack ?!” ( laughs ) But Pontus scored several important goals. I think he was very good in this role.

We lag behind Lokomotiv by 10 points. Do you think we’ll fight against them for the title? 
I remember that once we had a similar backlog, but we won it and won the championship. It will be hard, but you just have to work hard, and at the end of the season we’ll see where we’ll end up.

 There are assumptions, how will the coaches use you on the field? Is it important for you to play an attacker or a winger? 
For me, there is no difference. I already worked with this trainer, he knows where to use me the best way, I’m not a stranger for him.

Did you miss the tough jokes of the Berezutsky brothers? 
“When I came here, I understood that they would simply destroy me with all sorts of jokes!” But I’m used to it, and I even missed these jokes.

Coming soon with a friendly game with Norshellanom. Do you think you are ready to play in it, or will you appear on the field a little later? 
I will be happy to play if the coach decides to release me. This will allow me even faster to play with the team.



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