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Enyeama: The Amazing Spider-Man

Predictably, his name is among the four porters vying for the title of best goalkeeper in Ligue 1 with UNFP Trophy this Sunday, May 8, at age 33, Vincent “Spider” Enyeama makes a full season, one more, under the shirt LOSC. The retired Super Eagles goalkeeper, an exceptional player, toast of many club’s fans relieves his experience with the club’s website Excerpts:

. Vincent Enyeama in action for his club Lille Metropole

. Vincent Enyeama in action for his club Lille Metropole

Vincent, what do you look on the Lille season, your third as holder?

I really think we live a great year. It was however very badly begun. But everything changed from late January, early February. The new coach has gradually changed some things, blind? Fflé a new dynamic. I made my best season LOSC? No, I think I was stronger in 2013-2014.

Yet, you are again nominated for the title of best goalkeeper in Ligue 1 with UNFP Trophies, for the second time after 2013-2014, just…?

That season, I realized eleven consecutive clean-sheets, I was twice elected best goalkeeper of the month. I think I deserved this year keeper trophy. I was very disappointed that escapes me (he had been assigned to Sirigu). After I remain lucid; last season, for example, I did not deserve to be named. You cannot claim anything when you cash 15 goals in the last 5 games.

And this season, do you have your chances?

I do not know. You know, the voters, that is to say, the other players do not consider it necessarily the guards what they actually occur, but according summaries di? Ffusés on TV. And ours are often very short, they show only the goals scored and conceded. Take the example of the final of the League Cup. I made a mistake on the second goal, agreed. Still, I think I made a great match from start to finish. But when I look at the summary, I see that my dumpling! Sometimes it is not just.

What are your five moments of the season?

(Thinks) No idea. However, I can identify my worst game. It was in Montpellier (3-0 on 2/27/16). This is ironic, because I realize probably my best save of the year early in the game. But in the second half, I was very average, as the team elsewhere. “I was amazed LILLOIS BY THE PUBLIC AT STADE DE FRANCE”

Your review of your nicknames: Jesus, Spider-Man …?

(Smiles) That’s funny, I really appreciate and then they are rewarding. It’s very fun for the fans. My favorite? I like to be called Vincent, just (laughs). It’s always a pleasure to be recognized and welcomed by people in the street, even if I do not get out much in Lille.

In this context, what do you think of Lille fans?

They are incredible, amazing, this season more than others, too. Because even in difficult times, they have never let us down. In the final, I was amazed by the public, for its support. I even posted a picture on my Instagram (@ vinny2908) to honor them. Speaking of social networks, I’m back on Twitter (@vinpee) where I was no longer active. I wanted to communicate a result of unfair yellow cards received recently. I felt the need to say it publicly.

You still have a year contract. Do you know what your future holds?

I have to meet with leaders to know the club project next season. In football, everything is possible, you know. But one thing is sure, I like Lille and I am very happy here. My family likes it a lot.



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